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The company ING-GRAD Ltd. was incorporated in 1985. It has been doing business under the present-day name ING-GRAD Ltd. special works in construction since 1991.
The seat of the company is in Zagreb, and it is headed by Mr. Branislav Brizar, M.Econ.
The company permanently employs 220 employees of optimum qualification structure; it owns a large number of machines and versatile equipment enabling high quality of projects implementation in all areas of construction activities.




ING-GRAD d.o.o. commits to provide its services complying with relevant internal and national standards and regulations referring to quality, environmental protection, health and safety of employees. Furthermore, we pay great attention to continuous harmonization of our activities with all legal and other requirements.

For ING-GRAD d.o.o. meeting clients’ demands and complying with determined standards in providing services are obligations of utmost importance. Thusly, planning and management of processes for each service is carried out according to determined procedures. Relations with clients and suppliers are to be established and maintained based on mutual trust, especially when agreeing on deadlines, specifications and requirements related to quality, environmental protection, health and safety.

Professional training of personnel shall be permanently conducted with the purpose of raising the quality and responsibility for the execution of their tasks. With the goal of continuous improvement of the quality of service, environmental protection, health and safety, we shall develop new technical and technological solutions, and upon their adoption, accept them as standard solutions. ING-GRAD d.o.o. maintains a management system that determines and permanently improves the quality of services, and by adopting and maintaining the environmental protection standard we shall ensure the reduction of environmental pollution in the performance of our activities to the greatest extent possible.

By applying the requirements related to health and safety of the ISO 45001 standard, ING-GRAD d.o.o. shall continuously work on the prevention of injuries and illnesses, and on the safety of employees and all those working on behalf of the company. International standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SCCP 2011 require regular monitoring and assessing of the quality assurance system, environmental protection system, health and safety system, both internally and externally, by an organization authorized for certification. We shall preserve and defend the obtained acknowledgement, certificate, in subsequent audits. The management system assessment is conducted at least once a year, and planned internal audits shall serve as basis for undertaking corrective and preventive measures in further development of an integrated management system for the following period. Periodic policy assessment shall ensure its permanent adequacy. This policy is available to all interested parties and communicated to all those working for and on behalf of ING-GRAD d.o.o.

Zagreb, 15 March 2017
Chairman of the Board: Branislav Brizar, M.Sc.

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