Food Industry and Trading Companies

In the construction of new office buildings latest materials and building technology have been applied. Attention has been paid to the construction of underground garages, and the latest equipment has been integrated (fire and burglar alarm systems, elevators). In accordance with customers’ demands, certain historic buildings have been adjusted to the needs of present-day business making, in the course of which modern and earlier materials, techniques, building and interior design methods have been combined.
Investor: BIK d.o.o.
The work on the complex with the surface area of 15,809 m2 in total included the construction, craftsman and installation work performed during 2016 and 2017 when one of the state-of-the-art dairy cow...
Investor: Plodine d.o.o.
The existing building, that is, the manufacturing division, has been remodeled and adjusted to the needs of the storage and distribution space – a discount store of the Plodine Trading Company. ...
Investor: Lura d.d.
The ING-GRAD Company has participated in a range of major project initiated by Lura Ltd., among which we will mention only a few: the construction of a technology division and a wall-system storage, t...
Investor: Mlinar d.d.
Works within the complex of Mlinar plants in Zagreb have included the reconstruction and remodeling of the existing, building and arrangement of additional manufacturing divisions and the office space...
Investor: Atlantic Trade d.d.
The works on the office building of the Atlantic Trade Company have  encompassed the construction interventions connected with the building reconstruction and remodeling. Modern office space has been...
Investor: Atlantic Trade d.d.
For the needs of the Pliva Cedevita Company, nowadays a part of the Atlantic Group, works on reconstruction, interior design and room furnishing, with the aim of combining functions of food production...
Investor: Energoplan d.d.
In the frame of the construction project of one of the most modern shopping malls in Zagreb, all the basic construction works, that is, all the concrete and reinforced-concrete, bricklaying-and-plaste...
Investor: Ledo d.d.
Apart from the engagement in building maintenance, in the frame of Ledo factory we have participated in a range of major projects, such as: the arrangement and remodeling of the plants, the restructur...


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